Tom Parker’s $100 Million Dollar Secret

New Book Offers Foundations a Safe, Game-Changing Investment Strategy!

In the last 16 years, Tom Parker, CEO of the Santa Barbara-based Hutton Parker Foundation, has made more than $100 million through an innovative, new financial strategy that involves investing in the local community instead of Wall Street.

He shows how he did it – and how your foundation can do it, too – in his new book, The $100 Million Secret (Kele Books). This step-by-step guide could be one of the most important and exciting books you will ever read! It is an easy-to-follow blueprint of a unique, but stunningly simple and safe way of investing in local real estate that produced more than twice the amount of income of traditional Wall Street investments.

In Parker’s view, most charitable foundations in this country are living in the Dark Ages as they continue to invest their assets in the stock market rather than their own communities. In this book, Parker proves that community investing is not only more mission-oriented, it is less risky and more profitable!

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The $100 Million Dollar Secret

The $100 Million Dollar Secret