Core Support Grant program suspended


January 16, 2018 —  Our community is experiencing extraordinary times.  The impacts of the recent natural disasters that struck our area are just beginning to be realized and felt.  Individuals, families and businesses are all reeling from the devastation.  Our nonprofit sector is not immune to these impacts.  Now, more than ever, our nonprofits will be called upon to help our community come together to rebuild, renew, support and nurture one another.  Hutton Parker Foundation is committed to helping our nonprofits maintain operational stability while meeting the demand for consistent and in some cases expanded program and service to their clients.

For these reasons, Hutton Parker Foundation is suspending its 2018 Core Support Grant program and replacing it with a Quick Response Crisis Grant program.  $1 million has been designated to fund Quick Response Crisis requests.  A Streamlined application form and procedures have been provided.  Please follow the link below or contact Pam Lewis, COO at or 805-957-4740 x 105 with any questions.

Core Support

Hutton Parker Foundation’s Core Support Program was designed in 2011 to address the nonprofits sector’s need for strategic general operating support leading to increased organizational capacity and sustainability. Nonprofit organizations have always expressed the need for unrestricted operating support to underwrite administrative infrastructure and maintain core programs and essential staff. In response, Hutton Parker Foundation is awarding the majority of annual grant funds in the form of Core Support.

Core Support is defined by Hutton Parker Foundation as unrestricted funding that enables an organization to carry out its mission. Funding awards are intended to underwrite administrative infrastructure, support increased agency capacity, assist with strategic financial and organizational capacity and/or help maintain core programs and essential staff.

Funds can be used at the discretion of the organization but are designed as working capital necessary to build robust organizations leading to greater impact in the Santa Barbara community. Hutton Parker Foundation considers a Core Support Grant an investment in an operationally strong nonprofit organization. Our goal is to have this investment help that organization to create and implement a targeted vision and mission driven business plan resulting in increased capacity and overall sustainability.

Priority for Core Support will be given to organizations that:

      • Are established, well-managed, financially viable, and operate effective programs that serve Santa Barbara county;
      • Have developed short and long-term strategies for addressing identified organizational needs;
      • Can demonstrate how a Core Support grant could have a measurable impact on organizational and programmatic capacity;
      • Have experienced funding reductions that impact the delivery of core programs and services.

Definition and Purpose: Core Support is unrestricted funding that enables an organization to carry out its mission. It can be used to underwrite an organization’s administrative and infrastructure costs, and/or maintain core programs and essential staff.

Why Core Support? Core Support matters because effective projects and programs are only possible if the organization is running in a healthy manner; thus, Core Support aims to propagate the ideas of core funding in order to carry out the organization’s mission. Core Support is a tool for strategic philanthropy, which can strengthen a nonprofit organization, giving it the means and flexibility to increase efficiency and allowing for more of an impact in their area. Hutton Parker Foundation is looking for organizations that can demonstrate how this Core Support will allow them to make more of an impact on their intended beneficiaries.

Eligibility Criteria: In addition to meeting the Foundations’ general eligibility criteria, Core Support requests will be considered for established and well-managed organizations.

Priority will be given to organizations that:

      • Are financially viable, have evidence of strong management and resource development capacity, and operate effective programs; and
      • Have the ability to significantly impact specifically targeted and/or underserved populations.

Funding Amount: Applicants seeking Core Support are advised that grant amounts will not generally exceed 10% of an agency’s annual operating budget, or $50,000, whichever is less.