Endowment Grants

The Hutton Parker Foundation Endowment Grant Program provides an opportunity for local Santa Barbara- based nonprofit organizations to secure endowment funding. This opportunity is available only one time per agency and is to be used to establish a new endowment.

The Endowment Program has been designed to produce a concise result. Hutton Parker Foundation has developed documentation, which provides step-by-step instructions and sample policies for establishing an endowment. Once an agency has completed the application process, they will have created a viable endowment fund and valid endowment policy.

In providing these sample documents, Hutton Parker Foundation is not recommending or requiring particular policies and is not providing legal or investment advice to applicants. Each applicant must adopt the policies that best suit its situation, and should seek the advice of its own legal, financial and accounting advisors.

Grant Structure: Hutton Parker Foundation will commit four (4) $25,000 grants to endowment per calendar year. The committed funds must be matched 3:1 within 24 months of Hutton Parker Foundation’s commitment. Once successfully matched, Hutton Parker Foundation will award the committed $25,000.

Application Evaluation Criteria:

  • Organization must be an independent 501 (c) 3 organizations located in Santa Barbara County
  • Organization must have been in existence five or more years
  • Organization must have operated in the “black” for last four consecutive years
  • Funds raised must be from new sources, not existing reserves, pledges or proceeds directed by the organization’s Board of Directors
  • Must complete fundraising 24 months of initial award
  • Must be available for a site visit or interview, if requested

Award Evaluation Criteria:
In determining the award for the matching funds, the following elements shall be given consideration:

  • The ability, capacity and leadership of the organization to the meet the stated objectives
  • The financial viability of the organization
  • The content and reasonability of the proposal outlining how $75,000 in the new funds will be raised within 24 months of initial award

Application Deadline:

  • December 1st, annually.

Geographic Limitations:

  • Open to Santa Barbara County based agencies only.

How to Apply: