Recipient Quotes

Core Support Recipient Quotes

Boxtales-Theatre-CompanySm“As a small, performing arts, non-profit, we often find ourselves in survival mode organizationally. This stresses our ability to serve our mission to our fullest capacity. While, grants that allow us to continue performing, teaching and creating new material, (the core of our work), are indispensable, The Hutton Parker Core Support Grant was designed to help us directly address infrastructural problems in the business that supports our programs. This gave us a unique opportunity to develop and implement new directions that are making us more sustainable.”

Michael Andrews, Boxtales Theatre Company

SMV-Boys-&-Girls-ClubSm“Hutton Parker Foundation’s core programming support enabled our organization to build capacity in areas of direct services, staff development, and leadership structure. As a result, we are more focused on delivering meaningful impact and producing measurable outcomes.”

Jeremy Deming, Boys & Girls Club of Santa Maria Valley

“Santa Barbara Channelkeeper provides a valuable service to our community by protecting and restoring the vital water resources of the Santa Barbara Channel and its watersheds, on which our local economy and our very way of life depend. As we approach our 15-year anniversary, we are at a critical stage in our organizational development. We’ve expanded our staff, Board and budget, taken on new and pressing issues, and responded to an increased demand for our services. Our Core Support Grant from the Hutton Parker Foundation has made a significant difference in enabling us to maintain our new and existing programs and staff and enhance our organizational capacity so that we can continue to deliver clean, abundant water and healthy aquatic habitats for our community long into the future. “

Kira Redmond, Santa Barbara Channelkeeper

Wildlife-Care-NetworkSm“The Santa Barbara Wildlife Care Network, like many small, mission-driven nonprofit organizations, depends heavily on volunteers and on community support to fulfill its mission. The Hutton Parker Foundation has been an invaluable source of both advice and critical project-related funds as we have expanded, purchased property, and undertaken the build-out of our permanent wildlife rehabilitation facility.
Hutton Parker core support has stimulated our planning process, allowed us to expand our professional animal care staff, and is now enabling us to hire a part-time staff member focused on recruiting, training, and scheduling volunteer support to ensure adequate coverage of both hands-on animal care and related tasks during all seasons of the year. Having trained volunteer support is critical to meeting the demands of our peak busy seasons when we are open to the public 12 hours a day, and caring for animals nearly around the clock.”

Joanne St. John, Wildlife Care Network

Santa-Barbara-Botanic-GardenSmWhen I arrived at the Garden in 2010, the Board made it clear that we needed to change our strategic focus. Programmatically, we invested in developing a 5-year strategic plan to refocus on our mission to conserve California’s native plants. This emphasis was not about new programs so much as it was about returning to what our institution had been in a leader in 50 years before. Core support grants provided essential funding for the Garden to get back to basics through the implementation of our 5-year strategic plan which has resulted in a revitalization of our core programs making clear progress toward our mission. Thanks to the Hutton Parker Foundation’s thoughtful investment in our mission (rather than any particular “sexy” program), the Garden is a stronger, more sustainable, and more effective institution.

Steve Windhager, Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

Channel-Islands-YMCASm“Generous donors are often willing to help pay for food, shelter, tutoring and even great experiences for the very poor, very vulnerable young people we serve at YFS, but it is core support that ensures we have the quality staff and solid business infrastructure necessary to sustain excellence and meet community needs year after year. It also helps keep us financially secure and flexible enough to respond to unanticipated challenges as well as unexpected opportunities—like the gift of a larger, permanent home for our teen center in Isla Vista.”

Lynn Karlson, Channel Islands YMCA

CALM“Our partnership with the Hutton Parker Foundation provides the core support needed to take the risks required to have a greater impact in our community. With the Foundation’s support, we are embarking on an ambitious strategic plan to expand services in North County and through collaborations throughout the community.”

Cecilia Rodriguez, CALM

Wilderness-Youth-ProjectsSm“Wilderness Youth Project is celebrating 15 years of offering nature connection to thousands of Santa Barbara youth. It is largely thanks to the visionary and strategic support of the Hutton-Parker Foundation that we have been able to offer our life changing programs to this diverse community. From understanding our need for support of core operations to getting the word out in the media and leveraging social networks, Hutton-Parker has a deep understanding of the world of non-profits.”

Michelle Howard, Wilderness Youth Project

”Core Support from the Hutton Parker Foundation, which we used to fund our Development Director position, was directly linked to our ability to step up our fundraising efforts. This, in turn, doubled our budget and tripled the number of clients we have been able to serve.

Operational support is a cornerstone for agencies like ours that strive to serve entire communities while providing a living wage to valuable staff. Without the Hutton Parker Foundation’s ongoing Core Support, AHA! would be forced to spend too much time raising money for administrative costs instead of focusing on the essential and transformative work we provide to our community.

Thank you, Hutton Parker Foundation, for understanding the core needs of philanthropic organizations, and for being the springboard for our work improving attitude, increasing social harmony, and bridging the achievement gap for teens.”

Jennifer Freed, Academy of Healing Arts for Teens

“The support Hutton Parker Foundation generously provided to Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation has enabled us to further our mission by focusing on meeting our comprehensive strategic planning goals so that we can enhance the quality and reach of our programs, develop stronger collaborative partnerships, and ensure sustainability. By advancing as a leader in our field and offering the highest level of services we are able to make a significant positive impact in the lives of families that have a child with cancer. Hutton Parker Foundation helps us continue to offer critical services, such as financial and emotional support, to families during their darkest and most challenging times. Until there is a cure for cancer we are privileged to be a beacon of light for families in need.”

Lindsey Guerrero, Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

Angels-Foster-CareSm“As a young agency, I look back over some of our major growth in serving the youngest foster children in our community and Hutton Parker Foundation has been there. Angels Foster Care has received critical core support funding, advertising funding and most recently endowment match funding. These grants have been critical to our maturation as an agency and delivering services to our Angels babies. I have also appreciated meeting with the Foundation and discussing our focus and goals. They really understand what we do and are responsive to what we need. Angels Foster Care continues to be so grateful for the work of Hutton Parker Foundation. Their work helps us do our work better.”

Meichelle Arntz, Angels Foster Care

THRIVE“One of the greatest challenges we face in the non-profit / social services sector is that our most qualified staff and leaders are so involved with coordinating and providing services that there is scarcely time to track, evaluate and improve our efforts. Hutton Parker Foundation’s core support grant is unique in that it recognizes and bolsters the business needs of effective organizations, and allows us to dedicate resources to building capacity where we need it most. Data evaluation and communications are essential for THRIVE’s work and our community goals of providing more integrated services through collective impact. We are deeply appreciative of Hutton Parker Foundation’s support.”

Laura Camp, THRIVE