Board, Officers & Committees

Hutton Foundation Board of Directors
Thomas C. Parker
Arlene R. Craig
Sam Tyler

Foundation Officers
Thomas C. Parker President
Susan Parker Executive Vice President/Assistant Secretary
Arlene R. Craig Vice President/Treasurer/ Secretary
Jess T. Parker Vice President
Chris J. Parker Vice President

Audit Committee
Kent Englert
Sam Tyler

Finance Committee
Thomas C. Parker
Sam Tyler

Compensation Committee
Eloy Ortega
Sam Tyler

Grant Selection Committee
Susan Parker
Sandra Tyler
Karen Kerns
Pam Lewis, Foundation Staff

General Inquiries to the Foundation staff are welcome. Given the large number of requests, it is difficult to schedule in-person meetings so phone calls and email inquiries are preferred. We ask that nonprofits refrain from contacting individual members of our Board of Directors and Grant Selection Committee.

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Easy Lift Transportation